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Search 'idiot', get Trump: how activists are manipulating Google Images

Search ‘idiot’ and this is what you see, pictures of Donald Trump. The company has always refused to play God when it comes to seo first page google guaranteed their algorithm. Even when the search term “Jew” started returning a hook-nosed caricature in 2004, rather than delete the image, they instead took out ads next to it to explain why antisemitic imagery, as well as antisemitic websites like “Jew Watch”, were appearing so high up the results. “A site’s ranking in Google’s search results relies heavily on computer algorithms using thousands of factors to calculate a page’s relevance to a given query,” they explained. “Sometimes subtleties of language cause anomalies to appear that cannot be predicted.” They continued with that line of argument when, in 2009, searches for “Michelle Obama” began returning a picture of the first lady’s face retouched to have ape-like features. Again, the company decided to raise awareness alongside it rather than tinker. The famous algorithm is constantly being reworked, but only to make it more useful, not more culturally sensitive. After all, opening the door to one manual review might open the door to them all. The fact that the system can still be gamed is surprising, and judging the scale of its effect is controversial, not least because media articles about the “controversy” feed into it. Searching “rapist” before the US election was likely to bring up at least five images of Bill Clinton in the top 10. Threads that tagged the 42nd president were making it to the front page of Reddit, already in the top 20 most visited websites according to traffic ranking site Alexa. From a platform that large, it was a short hop to the top of the rankings.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jul/17/trump-idiot-google-images-search

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