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Photo courtesy of Jimmy Choo Once upon a time, Fashion Week was an event exclusively for editors, models, celebrities and a few VIP clients. There were only a few bloggers back then who sat front row among. Things have changed in the past years. Blogging is no longer just a hobby or passion project but a full time job. And while celebrities used

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to be the preferred endorser for brands and services, there is a now a new set of A-listers referred to as i nfluencers . These are the individuals who use social media and other online platforms like blogs, to reach out to a large, global audience. Fashion brands have been quick to recognize the pull of digital influencers on their target markets. There is power in a seemingly candid photograph of a girl wearing a cocktail dress paired with the seasons must-have stilettos and a purse. Hashtags like #OOTD (outfit of the day) and #SOTD (shoe of the day) or #SHOEFIE (a shoe selfie) are new tools on social media that help highlight certain products whether it be a pair of shoes, location (i.e #travel, #Milan) or yes, even a drink ( #lovescotch ). It is the personalized and approachable tone and image projected by bloggers and influencers that endear them to a large number of followers. Through vignettes also known as flatlays , influencers are able to intimate details of their personal lives. These curated images reveal moments from everyday events that may include lunch at a chic cafe, packing the gym bag or capping off the night with scented candles and a fresh bouquet of blooms.

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"Will we be able," she asked, "to act in concert together or (will we) fall back into parochial policies?" One of Europe's greatest fears has been Mr Trump's apparent willingness to do a deal with Moscow - not to mention his evident admiration for Russia's leader Vladimir Putin. Mr Trump's emissaries pretty much convinced their European hosts that on key issues - at least for now - there would be no change. General Mattis insisted that Russia had to abide by international law and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, on a recent visit to Bonn, stressed that agreements like the Minsk accords to end the fighting in Ukraine had to be fully implemented by all sides - including Moscow. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sergei Lavrov, represented Russia, who were almost bystanders at this Nato conference Vice-President Pence emphasised the message saying here in Munich that the US would continue to hold Russia to account, even as it searched for areas of common ground. The Russians have almost been bystanders here watching the internal Nato debate from the sidelines. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov returned to a familiar theme - that Nato was essentially an institution of the past. The expansion of the Atlantic Alliance, he said, had led to an unprecedented level of tensions. What was now needed was what he called a "post-western world order". So there seems little chance here for President Trump's hope for fresh understanding with Moscow - or at the very least that it will not come at the expense of the European Nato allies, or perhaps even of Ukraine.

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